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Key Specifications
The Sunartek UV Robots for Disinfection is designed to prevent the Virus. It is equipped with cutting edge technology including Pulsed UV Light which can kill 99.9% pathogens in 5 minutes and less than 5m operation range.

Disinfection Method:
Pulse Strike UV light produced by Xenon light is a thousand times stronger than LED or Mercury UV light (200 – 315nm)

Service Time: Less than 5 minutes

Disinfection Radius: 3m – 6m

Environmental Influence: The xenon is not harmful to humans if the pulse UV light is broken. There is a little heat generated while in operation. The Pulsed Light Germ-Killing Robot contains an air circulation function for cleaning indoor air as much as possible.

Advantages of Sunartek Robots:

✔More than 80% decrease in infection rates
✔20 times more effective than manual cleaning with chemicals
✔Takes as little as 5 minutes for total treatment time
✔Energy-saving and environmental protection
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