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  • Country: Spain
  • City: Spain (HQ)
  • Address: Polígono Lanbarren C/ Arkotz, 920180 Oiartzun Spain
  • Contact Person: Carlos Elosegui

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Key Specifications

* Up to 4.000.000 users.
* Up to 64.000 doors & i-Lockers.
* Password protecetd operator profiles.
* 256 Calendars.
* 30 Time periods.
* 256 Time zones.
* Available with Salto database engine or MSSQL data base compatible.
* Connection to online units through TCP IP protocols using existing LAN & WAN networks.
* Multistation capabilty.
* Department Operator management for large complexes like universities multimnationals, etc.
* Integrable with others software systems through SHIP (Salto Host Interface Protocol) protocols, and dynamic database synchronisation.
* SVN capabilities in order to manage the XS4 stand alone electronic handle sets and control units:
- The ability to add or delete access privileges at will to the ID carriers.
- The ability to program in 256 different time zones.
- Carry out updating tasks changing access times/days using up to 256 different calendars.
- The ability to validate the any change made in the access plan on any SVN on-line wall reader.
- The ability to add security through additional authenticated validation procedures including pin codes as well the ability to blacklist cards from the system.
- On card audit-trailing to track staff or visitor movement.
- Lock specific battery power data is registered on any card using the lock – staff or visitor – and transferred back to the PC.
- Control software via any update reader just by using the system.
* Adhoc audit trail reports managed by he user.
* Reports Export to Excell, txt, etc.

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