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  • Country: Taiwan
  • City: Taipei 115
  • Address: 2F, No. 56, Lane 321, Yangguang Street, Neihu District, Taipei 114, Taiwan
  • Contact Person: Vincent Lin

Key Specifications
Developed based on advanced AI & deep learning technology, AccuFACE EFR-T5 is a compact and all-in-one dual-spectrum facial recognition system. Simply power it with PoE, EFR-T5 can recognize up to 20,000 users in stand-alone operation, and recognize 100,000 users in network operation.

This advanced facial recognition terminal has all the neat features you need: touch screen, on-screen card reader, access control I/O, PoE, and even Wi-Fi & Bluetooth!

Key Features
★ Ultra Compact – size of a smartphone, only 21mm thick when wall mounted
★ Dual Spectrum Recognition – perform recognition with both Infrared (IR) and visible light; can work under total darkness and various lighting conditions
★ Liveness Detection – rejects hacking with photo, video image, and even realistic facial mask
★ Speedy 1:N Recognition – support up to 100,000 users, and complete recognition within 0.5 sec
★ Flexible Enrollment – enroll a user live, or enroll with one or multiple pictures
★ Complete SDK and CMS – API & SDK available; also bundled with a central management software
★ All-in-one Solution – on-screen card reader, PoE, access controller, and Wi-Fi options available
AccuFACE EFR-T5 Facial Recognition System
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