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  • Country: Taiwan
  • City: Taipei 115
  • Address: 2F, No. 56, Lane 321, Yangguang Street, Neihu District, Taipei 114, Taiwan
  • Contact Person: Vincent Lin

Key Specifications

Key Features

Simple to Install and Operate
Backup All Events and Images of AccuFACEs
Manage Facial Templates between Multiple AccuFACEs
Device Management in 3-tier Location Scheme
Export Reports for Access Control and Attendance Management


Real-time Event Monitoring

Get instant alerts of system events from multiple AccuFACE devices
Delay of alert < 1 second
Display alerts in different colors based on the priority

Event Log Management

Backup all events including image snapshots and securely store them in the database
Search log by conditions, including User ID, Device, Event Type, and Date Duration
Sort log by Date, Location, Device, Event Type, User ID/User Name
Export image files
Export log to reports in standard CSV format
Generate printable report documents for attendance management

User Management

Enroll new users; edit and remove existing users
Download one or multiple user facial templates
Batch upload multiple user facial templates to multiple AccuFACE machines
User upload and download in the background
Manage user personal information in the database

Device Management

Add new devices; edit and remove existing devices
Classify device based on its installation location (Site, Level, and Room)
Display real-time system information of each device


Windows 10 or newer
PC with Intel Core 5 @ 2GHz or faster is suggested
RAM: 8GB or more
Display: 1920x1080 or more
Language: English, Traditional Chinese, Japanese

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