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  • Country: United Kingdom
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  • Contact Person: Neil McDonald

Key Specifications

5 MP sensor and no moving parts

• Constant 360° surveillance with no blind spots

• No moving parts, no maintenance and silent operation

• Up to 30 fps video stream at 1 MP and ¼ MP

• 0.2 lux minimum illumination and electronic WDR

• PoE powered

• 3-years warranty

Advanced features

• microSD card slot for local event recording

• Configurable privacy regions

• Polygonal Video Motion Detection regions

Super-fast installation and will blend in anywhere

With a diameter of only 108mm (4,25”), the Evolution 05 Mini Recessed is designed for quick and easy installations anywhere a professional light weight enclosure is required. The camera is specifically developed for recessed mounting in drop ceilings and this new design means installation can be fully completed from below the ceiling line. It has an ultra low profile with a casing that can be painted to blend into the installation environment.

Available in white or black, it is the ideal solution for markets where discreet installation is required or aesthetics matters, such as Residential, Hospitality, Retail or Banking.

EVO-05-LRD (White) / EVO-05-LSD (Black)
Oncam Evolution 05 - Mini 360° Recessed Camera
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