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Key Specifications
DN-III+ portable radar life detector, based on the ultra-wideband radar principle, utilizes human motion Doppler echo effect carried by the nanosecond electromagnetic pulse to detect and display the moving or static survivors buried in the ruins to achieve the purpose of detection, search and rescue.

Building on its successful DN-III, NovaSky develop the upgraded product—DN-III+. It is more portable with larger detection range, used for quick search of the survival life in the emergency scenes as earthquake disasters, landslides etc. It can be widely used in emergency rescue missions in the armed police, firefighting, earthquake relief and other special industries, which effectively improve aid quality and efficiency.

Product Features:
▪ High real-time performance
Detect and display the moving targets on real time
▪ Strong penetrability
Able to detect all static targets in 10m entity ruins
▪ High sensitivities
Able to detect all static body cardiopulmonary exercise
▪ High resolution
With the capability of centimeter-grade position accuracy
▪ Strong adaptability to environment
Workable in all-weather like rain, haze, snow and ice, swirling dust
▪ Super professional support
The unique detection equipment with remote export analysis system support, among the similar brand products at home and abroad
Radar Life Search Detection System DN-III+
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