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Key Specifications

NVP1914 includes 4-Ch 960H video decoder, 1-Ch 960H video encoder and 5-Ch audio codec, which guarantees high quality images. It accepts separate 4 CVBS inputs from camera, TV, DVD and the other video signal sources. It digitizes and decodes NTSC/PAL video signal into digital video signal which represents 8-bit ITU-R BT.656/1302 4:2:2 format with 27/36/54/72/108/144MHz multiplexed. Each video output can be selected between 720H and 960H. 1-Ch video encoder plays roles of converting the digital ITU-R BT.656/1302 format data into CVBS, Y and C in 10-bit resolution. And there is 2-Ch DAC which is fed from the above video encoder. 5-Ch audio codec is 4-Ch PCM audio/1-Ch PCM mic codec which handles audio band signals with 8bit/16bit linear PCM, 8bit G.711(μ-law, A-law) PCM. Built-in audio controller generates digital outputs for recording/mixing and accepts digital input for playback. In addition, It supports Coaxial Protocol up to 5C-2V(Coaxial Cable) 200m.

* 4-Ch 960H video decoder
* On-Chip 5-Ch PCM audio codec
* On-Chip 1-Ch 960H video encoder
* Various output I/F (27/36/54/72/108/144MHz)
* Cascade mode up to 16-Ch
* Motion detection (32×24)
* Compact package
* Low power consumption
* Coaxial Protocol
* NVP1918/NVP1118B/NVP1114B pin to pin

Nextchip NVP1914 4-Ch Video Decoder with 5-Ch Audio Codec
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