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Key Specifications
Aluminum alloy outer cover, 4.2-inch transparent back box, black opaque dome drive, integrated design

Indoor surface mount, indoor/outdoor pendant installation

Built-in Sony or Samsung 10x optical camera module

Accurate motor driving, stable operation, without dithering and noises, little heat release

High reliability, internal data never lost when power is off

RS-485 feed back the orientation of pan& tilt

The Pan/tilt orientation displays and camera zoom displays

Built-in function menu, the function of camera and pan and tilt can be set

Powering on self-restoring style—users can assign the dome movement after powering on

Multi-automatic scan mode, the auto-scan speed can be set by build-in menu

Functions of video freeze, wide dynamic range, and backlight compensation

Day and night camera can be set into single color or single black mode according to the circumstances need

Change speed proportionally: pan/tilt speed and the depth of zoom lens decline proportionally

Pattern track memory function, can record the preset transfer and all standard P/T/Z track

128 preset positions with precision error less than 0.05°, preset target speed: 250°/sec for pan, 200°/sec for tilt

8 preset tour functions, dwell time can be set to 5s-60sec by menu

Variable automatic tour speed can be set to 1°-40°/sec

Pan control speed 0.1°-150°/sec, tilt control speed 0.1°-100°/sec

360°continuous pan rotation, with auto-flip function for tilt rotation

Embed in surge and lightning protector

Meeting IP66, CE, ROHS, FCC standards

4 inch Mini high speed dome camera
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