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What makes our PTZ cameras outstanding ???
Source: Kevin Wang
Minrray is a leading professional manufacturer of video surveillance cameras, focus on PTZ cameras, with strength of hardware micro-step technology, weather proof structure design, power supply protection and image decode, these to make PTZ camera work accurate, smooth and stable.

We are dedicated to two kinds of PTZ camera: 1, Robot PTZ camera: there are thermal PTZ camera UV97, built in dual lens (Flir thermal core and Sony CCD camera); explosion proof PTZ camera UV96EX, up to EXDIICT6 mark. Vandal proof PTZ camera UV90BM, vandal proof/erosion proof/shook proof/water proof. All series are available with wiper and applied for hazardous environment.

Now, we are developing another thermal PTZ camera, it would replace UV97 in future, also built in dual lens, and water proof is IP67, bigger motor is used (59 motor) to keep the camera move more smooth and stable, wind proof ability is stronger, and speed is faster.

2, High Speed Positioning Camera: there are high speed positioning camera with Osram IR lamps, with Laser, with Sync zoom laser optional.

The advantage of this series cameras is weather proof structure, specially the design of water proof, anti-high/low temperature, anti-humidity, anti-lightning and anti-electromagnetic interference (up to 10,000V), that’s because we are strict in raw-material selection, all material belongs industrial-grade which keep the camera working life.

Now, we are developing middle-duty, heavy duty positioning camera to load 20KG and 30KG. The engineer consider from these factors: torque, change belt transmit to gear transmit, change motor drive to closed loop drive, or even adopts worm gear, all designs will work for stability of the camera. Because our aim is the company’s sustained development not one-off business. That’s also how we developed for the 12 years.

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