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Key Specifications
DTR is a new generation Taut Wire system based on an innovative dual-purpose detector

that fuses the benefits of two mature technologies – taut wire and vibration sensing.

Like the previous generations of DTR, which are proven and have been installed along thousands

of kilometers worldwide, DTR4G maintains the capability to detect cutting, climbing or lifting of the

wires; yet it is also capable of sensing and analyzing abnormal vibrations; therefore, detecting

attempts to tamper and dismantle as well.

DTR4G delivers exceptional probability of detection, threat classification and low False and

Nuisance Alarm Rates (FAR/NAR) due to the parallel processing of forces and vibration induced

by intruders. It is the natural choice for new customers and legacy DTR users, who wish to

upgrade to the next generation.


DTR is a high end combination of a physical deterrence barrier and a sophisticated detection

system; therefore, it is the perfect choice for sensitive or unattended perimeters, such as borders,

airports, seaports, energy and utility infrastructure, military and other critical homeland assets.

How the sensor works

The core DTR sensor detects movement and vibration of each barbed wire in 3 axes. The

parallel processing enables accurate classification of the disturbance, since each type of intrusion

is characterized by a unique combination of movement and vibrations (direction, amplitude, rate,

duration and frequency).

Each sensor is clamped to a single barbed wire so it is capable of determining the direction of

wire motion (i.e. to the right or to the left of the sensor post in which the sensor is installed).

How the system works

The system is built of 50 – 60 m (165 - 195 ft.) modular segments; each segment consists of two

anchor posts and a sensor post in between, housing the sensors and a local processor. Twisted

barbed wires, supported by spirals, are spaced 5 - 20 cm (2 - 8 in.) apart, sufficiently close

together to make it virtually impossible for an intruder to penetrate unnoticed.

The local processor not only analyses each individual sensor for 3D movement and vibrations,

but also compares data from the group of sensors, in order to distinguish between climbing,

cutting, displacement and attempts to tamper with the system, while filtering out nuisance alarms

caused by animals, bad weather conditions, etc.

DTR - Advanced Perimeter Intrusion Detection System
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