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  • Magal Security Systems Ltd.

  • Country: Israel
  • City: Yehud
  • Address: 17 Altalef Street, Industrial Zone, Israel 56100,
  • Contact Person: Diane Hill

Key Specifications
Magal’s advantages in cyber defense
Most entry-level cyber security products evolved from the IT and communications security industry. Geared to defend against random Internet malware such as viruses and worms, these platforms struggle in the cyber era, because they focus too much on putting sentries near entry points to networks. In addition, they lack strong command and control, being a disparate group of pinpointed solutions, each specializing in a single aspect of security such as anti-virus, anti-spam, firewall etc.
While all these are necessary tools for a comprehensive cyber defense, they are not optimal as a security platform basis, either by design or by defense philosophy.
Magal took a different approach. Leveraging 43 years of experience in securing complex and diverse sites and campuses against a wide variety of threats, Magal already possesses a top-notch operational command platform – the Fortis 4G.
Cyber Security
Other Products
Magal InnoFence
Magal S3 Aimetis Symphony 7 Video Management Software
Magal TunnelGuard Covert System with Seismic Sensors
Cyber Security
TunnelGuard Covert system that uses seismic sensors
Fortis 4G
DTR - Advanced Perimeter Intrusion Detection System
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