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Key Specifications
Barricade II is a fence mounted vibration detection system capable of defining the exact location of an intrusion to within 2 - 3 meters (6.5 - 10 ft.).

Like the first generation of the Barricade, a proven and widely installed system, Barricade II is adaptable to most metal fabric fences, such as chain link, razor wire or welded mesh.

While maintaining the legacy features of the original sensor, Barricade II features the ability to identify the exact disturbed sensor along the long chain of sensors, which are typically 2 - 3 meters (6.5 - 10 ft.) apart.


? Precise location of the intruder; enables pointing a camera to the specific intrusion location.

? Capability to detect and locate simultaneous multiple intrusions along a single zone.

? Improved operational flexibility through software, since the user can set its operational zones as an overlay on top of the physical detection lines.

? Very low false alarm rate; since each sensor is analyzed separately, alarms are triggered only when a specific sensor is continuously being disturbed.

? Increased immunity to rain and harsh weather conditions is achieved through improved algorithms which capture detailed statistics from many sensors.

? Uniform sensitivity is achieved through software compensation per each sensor.

? Zone sensitivity can be easily adjusted for flexible modes of operation.

? Improved maintainability is achieved through the inherent fault isolation to the level of the individual sensor.

Barricade II - Vibration Detection System
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