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Key Specifications
Smart Gym turnstile entrance and exit scheme for swimming fitness stadiums
1. Business Scenarios and Processes
The main business nodes include: card initialization: or card data clearing (such as Gym turnstile setting recovery device)
Ticket sales writing card: write the basic information of the ticket when selling the ticket
Entry gate: enter the gate with a card
Exit gate: take the card to exit the Gym turnstile
Venue ticket purchase: online and offline two forms, you can enter the venue with the ticket or online QR code, etc.
Change hands with the ticket, hand the card to the consumer, the consumer holds the card, enters the gate, and writes the card data at the gate, entry time = current time
Consumers have finished their consumption and are ready to exit the gate
The gate judges whether the consumer has timed out. The current time-entry time > 120 minutes is the time-out. If the consumer has played for 125 minutes, they will make up for the 30-minute overtime ticket and rewrite the hand card data. The time in the card = 120+30= 150 minutes, and then check the timeout problem at the gate.
There is no timeout, the card will be played, the door will be opened, and the gate will clear the data.
Tickets for ski and ice rinks (rental equipment)
Scenario: Ice rink tickets are billed by time, one ticket is 2 hours, and more than that, you need to make up the ticket before you can go out. Rent skates after entering the arena, and return the skates before you go out.
1. Consumers come to the venue to buy tickets, and the front desk sells tickets
2. The front desk writes data to the hand card, the duration = 120, and the hand card is issued to the consumer
3. The consumer holds the card in hand, enters the gate, and writes the card data at the gate, and the entry time = current time
4. Go to rent skates, write a card to rent shoes = 1
5. Consumers finish skating, return their skates, and write a card to rent shoes = 0
6. Judging whether the consumer has timed out after exiting the gate, the current time - the entry time > 120 minutes is the time-out. If the consumer has played for 125 minutes, the time-out will be filled for 30 minutes, and the hand card data will be rewritten, the card duration = 120+ 30=150 minutes
Then go to the gate to verify the timeout problem.
7. There is no timeout, the skates have been returned, the cards have been played, the door will be opened, and the gate will clear the data.
Timeout logic for single consumption
Suppose the ticket duration t=120 minutes, the buffer minutes m=10 minutes
Then the number of minutes in time s t+m then the number of minutes in timeout k=s-t
When making up the ticket, you can only make up the whole number.
Ice clearing time A1-A2
The time skating time is: B1-B2
If there is an intersection between the two, then the actual number of minutes should make up for the time and minutes of the intersection.
3. Time slot entry
Scene: Scene Card
Enter by segment, such as morning session 08:00~12:00
Afternoon session 13:00~18:00
Evening show 19:00~24:00
4. Managers
Venue managers can enter and exit the turnstile at will, for example, they can always swipe their cards to enter multiple people,
5. Card cleaning
The initialization of the card is equivalent to clearing the card data when exiting the gate.
6. Gate monitoring report
Record the in and out records of all cards
7. Types of tickets
1. Accompanying ticket, cannot lead shoes for skating,
2. Regular ticket
8. Venue system (ticket setting)
To set the corresponding ticket, business type, timing type, ticket replenishment plan, etc.
The consumption items of the supplementary ticket are: overtime supplementary ticket
9. Start timing, the end timing
Start time: including ticket sales timing, entry timing, and equipment rental timing.
End timing: including exit gate and equipment timing.
Ice clearing time period: For example, the ice rink has clearing time, which is not included in the skating time. Actual duration = end time - start time + (intersection duration of start end time period and ice clearing time period)
2. Gym turnstile supplier
1 Implementation plan
Network control method: The system and the gate are in the same network. When entering or leaving the Gym turnstile, the gate Gym turnstile sends the card information to the system server, and the system decides whether to allow the Gym turnstile to be opened. The system server only needs to judge whether to send the door opening command to the gate.
The solution is simple and flexible, but it has high network and system requirements. We do not recommend using the cloud system.
The gym turnstile also needs network cables.
Card writing method: The system is separated from the gate, and the gate reads the data in the card through pre-defined business rules to determine whether to open the gate. There is no need to connect to the Internet, and the card reading verification efficiency is high.
The business rules are clearly arranged, and the business needs are met according to the personality. Gym turnstile manufacturers provide interfaces, which can be implemented quickly and flexibly.
Gym turnstile manufacturer communication
Gym turnstile manufacturer requirements:
1. Provide card planning, data protocol
2. Supports various identification methods, can customize the logic written to the Gym turnstile side, and use a variety of scenarios such as swimming pools, ice rinks, snow fields, etc.
3. To consider data encryption, key
Selection of intelligent gates: three roller gates, swing gates, wing gates, translation gates, etc.
Cost-effective gym turnstiles fingerprint membership system for sport centers
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