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Key Specifications
The face recognition glass turnstile is a channel management device born with the development of face recognition technology combined with gate control equipment. Generally, face recognition terminals are added to basic equipment such as standard swing turnstiles, three-roller turnstiles, and wing turnstiles. Use non-sensing recognition to achieve contactless passage and improve the safety factor. Today, Macrosafe will lead everyone to have a basic understanding of the face recognition gate.

1. Stainless steel and glass case
2. Blocking bodies such as door swings, door wings, and blocking rods
3. Face recognition panel terminal
4. Swipe cardboard
5. Channel status indicator
6. Infrared detectors can be customized for swing gates, wing gates, and three-roller gates
7. From the movement control mode, it is divided into the mechanical type and fully automatic type.
Face recognition glass turnstile common supporting system
1. Access control system: The common way of glass turnstile and access control system is the cooperation of relay switch signal.
2. Visitor system: a management software used to manage the entry and exit records and other related information of the company's internal and external personnel entering and exiting the office building or office area. It can well manage the random entry and exit of external irrelevant personnel and increase the safety of the place of use.
3. Attendance system: generally used in conjunction with the access control system. In general, it cannot be connected with the glass turnstiles system alone, except for customized products.
4. Ticketing system: very similar to the access control system, they all use barcodes, smart cards, biotechnology, and other identification hardware modes to identify permissions. Mainly cooperate with gates to realize more accurate and unmanned management of ticketing system application.
5. Consumption system: open the gate by swiping the card or face recognition through the glass turnstiles of the pedestrian passage, and link the consumption system, real-time deduction, and settlement
6. Channel management software system: generally refers to the combination of glass turnstiles, visitor system, and access control and attendance system. At the same time, with the friendly computer management interface, liquid crystal display interface, and gate custom control interface, the technical focus is on software.
7. Video monitoring system: It is composed of five major parts: camera, transmission, control, display, and information processing. It records the dynamic situation of the turnstile in the form of video storage and links the turnstile to make corresponding switching actions in real-time. normal or abnormal conditions.
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