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Key Specifications
To prevent static electricity, we must first know the cause of static electricity. The so-called static electricity is caused by the transfer of electrons between different materials and the loss of balance of materials. For example, our daily friction, collision, electromagnetic radiation induction, etc. will generate static electricity. Our human identity is often in an active state and is in contact with different objects, so our skin, hair, etc. will store a large amount of electric charge, and these electric charges will be transferred to chips or components. Therefore, the workshop needs to be equipped with anti-static devices such as ESD turnstile antistatic system, static eliminator, anti-static work clothes, anti-static work shoes, wristbands, and anti-static safety workbenches, etc. Today I will introduce to you how the ESD turnstile anti-static access control system can help you quickly detect static electricity.
ESD anti-static turnstile gate system is a set of anti-static access control management systems that connects to computers and realizes data query and transmission. Anti-static access control is divided into stand-alone version and networked version. Unqualified, impassable, unrecorded, and easy to operate; the online version can realize punch-in or face recognition to judge the authority of personnel (both hands and feet, single hand, single foot, exempt) and then test, and can be displayed on the display screen at the same time Display the electrostatic test resistance value of personnel, and can query and export the list in the background.

1. Support English and other languages
2. Real-time display resistance of testing, data auto collecting
3. Support full-screen display, human voice broadcast
4. ESD wrist strap(support single loop, dual loop, cordless)
5. ESD shoes(support one foot, two feet)
6. Free to set testing range
7. ESD system integrated with the access control device
8. Support time attendance system
9. Support import and export data from software
10. Time and staff of white-list sync with ESD device automatically
11. Support exporting a variety of visitor statements
Best ESD barrie gate anti-static access control speed gate 2022 in Switzerland
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