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Key Specifications
CT-5080R-HGA Up to 8 bands 800W Outdoor Prison Jammer with Software power level ctrl up to 1000m

Frequency customization per projects up to 8 bands / channels

Outdoor Jammer with 100W per band and optional PLC Software especially designed for Prisons projects and other large sensitive locations such as military or governmental compounds, oil and gas storage facilities, security, secret services, museums, factory, borders, customs, etc.

Advantages & Features
1. Each unit can jam up to 8 frequency bands simultaneously
2. Continuous operation even in hot or cold climates with no time limit
3. Rainproof, Design for outdoor installation
4. Secure design to avoid sabotage
5. Directional HGA 2,3 or 4 bands in one Antenna, with 12dbi, 16dbi or 18dbi
6. Selection of antennas to provide more flexibility regarding jamming coverage.
7. Wireless RC OFF/ON or Ethernet PC RC OFF/ON or Intelligent Monitor PLC Software

CT-5060-HGA E Mobile WIFI 6 Bands
920-965MHz GSM 900 100W
1800-1880MHz DCS 2G 1800 100W
2100-2170MHz 3G UMTS 100W
2620-2690MHz 4G LTE & WiMax 100W
2400-2500MHz WiFi & Bluetooth 100W
790-830MHz 4G Low LTE 100W

CT-5060-HGA A Cell WIFI 6 Bands
850-895MHz CDMA 900 100W
1920-1990MHz PCS CDMA 1900 100W
2100-2170MHz 3G UMTS 100W
2500-2700MHz 4G LTE & WiMax 100W
2400-2500MHz WiFi & Bluetooth 100W
700-800MHz 4G Low LTE 100W

CT-5080-HGA 8 Bands
850-895MHz CDMA 900 100W
920-965MHz GSM 900 100W
1920-1990MHz PCS CDMA 1900 100W
2100-2170MHz 3G UMTS 100W
2500-2700MHz 4G LTE & WiMax 100W
2400-2500MHz WiFi & Bluetooth 100W
700-800MHz 4G Low LTE 100W
3400-3800MHz: 50W 5G LTE

Up to any 8 frequency bands customized per project needs. Option: GPS L1 100W , L2 L3 L4 L5: 100W, VHF 130-180MHz: 100W, 3 UHF 420-480MHz: 100W, 5Ghz 20W, 50Ghz 50W etc Any frequency combinations and customization are possible, just send us your inquiry and we will give you our the best recommendation.

Jamming Range: Radius 300~1000 meters
The jamming distance will be varied depending on the signal strength, antennas and location.

Adjustable Output Power each Band/Channel, Max Output Power to 0 (OFF)
100% Safe VSWR over protection (Isolator) for each modular
Power supply: AC110 or 220-240V /DC 27V
Dimension: 85 x 55 x 45 cm Weight: 50Kg
Working time: Without the time limit, may continue to work

Package contents:
1 pc One main jammer unit
2-3 pcs 2-4 Bands HGA Directional Antennas 90 Degree with cables
1 pc Wireless RC 315Mhz OFF/ON or Ethernet PC remote control OFF/ON or optional PLC Software

- Optional Power level control PLC Software Intelligent monitor system :
Remote Control on any PC, Cell phone, or iPad with web base (Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge) to Turn each jammer, each Band or the whole jammer system ON/OFF, VSWR Alarm in a wireless setup (RF module)
1. The output power is adjustable via internet by PC, Cell phone or iPad ((Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge). Any frequency channel / module can be adjustable or ON/OFF
2. Each unit can have 4-10 bands / modules simultaneously
3. System Architecture use cloud server, data is stored in the cloud. It is remote control and centralized management platform which cloud be used all over the country and all over the world
4. With Ethernet / Internet Controlled, Wireless data Transmission interface or RS485 wired remote control, make the engineer network setting more flexible
5. Real-time monitor equipment working condition
6. Record query, log query
7. Authority management system could set different levels browser window
8. Jammer fault alarming system and can email notification alarm information
9. Each Module can be ON/OFF and work independently
10.Selection of antennas to provide more flexibility regarding jamming coverage
11.UPS and battery backup in case of mains power failure

2 Years warranty, Neutral packing, OEM Manufacturer:
Outdoor Prison Jammers with PLC Intelligent Monitor Software up to 1km
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