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Weapon vs Signal Jammer - the ony safe, practical and efficient protection against DronesUAVs
Source: Jammers4u
Drone jammers, the only safe and efficient drone weapon
Weapon vs Signal Jammer - the ony safe, practical and efficient protection against DronesUAVs
There are many options and specialized weapons for fighting drones on the market today, but, when it comes to practical use there is only one real solution - drone jammer.
Drones can be used for variety of tactical operations have become regular reconnaissance tool in militarizes all over the world. That means that drones do not come very close to troops, rather they would maintain some distance.
Different guns and weapons that fire mechanical objects towards the drone are of very limited usability and often can pose a danger to people on the ground. Even when successfully hit with a net and downed in uncontrollable manner, drones assets like camera or attached devices like bomb, can still be remotely controlled and used. Range is another limiting factor of such anti drone weapons. Drones do not come that close.
Another often mentioned anti-drone weapon is laser based, however, drones are agile and can easy avoid long exposure on one spot needed for laser to cause any damage. Drones are also very small targets, and any distance over 200m is almost impossible to keep it aimed on for a sufficient time. If operator detects laser beam on a drone camera, he will take evasive maneuvers since controls still work.
So we can say that only reliable solutions for drones are drone jammers since they disable any further drone maneuvers and evasion. Jammer emits wide beam that does not have to be so precise, but when drone stops moving, it is not controllable and dangerous any more.
Our jammer models that offer HOME function, give one more aspect to security that other weapons can not, when activated, drone will be sent to its take-off point, so it can be tracked and threat investigated further. In such scenario, explosives, bio-weapons or other threat is removed form the protected area, not just downed into sensitive area.
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