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Key Specifications
Silencer Portable suitcase 10 Bands 90W 5G Mobile 2.4Ghz 5Ghz GPS Jammer up to 100m

Silencer CT-2010HB-5G Portable suitcase 10 Bands 90W 5G Mobile WIFI 5Ghz GPS Jammer up to 100m

New portable Suitcase multi-functional Jammer with built-in Directional Antennas, 10 bands powerful 90W for CDMA GSM Mobile 3G 4G 5G GPS WIFI 2.4Ghz 5Ghz Wireless Networks with range up to 100m. Also can be used as Jammer for Drones UAVs Quadcopters up to 1000m

Portable Suitcase 10 Bands, Power 90W
Built-in Battery about 90min LiFePO4
Built-in Directional Antennas 10 bands
Works from a closed suitcase

1) Ver Silencer CT–2010HB-5G-EUR 10 Bands
1 920-960MHz: 10W GSM900
2 1800-1920MHz 10 W DCS GSM 1800
3 2100-2170MHz 10 W 3G UMTS
4 2570-2690MHz:8W 4G LTE High
5 758-825MHz:10W 4G LTE Low + 5G LTE
6 2300-2500MHz: 8W WiFi 11b/n/g Bluetooth
7 3400-3600MHz: 5W 5G LTE
8 3600-3800MHz: 5W 5G LTE
9 1450-1620MH: 10W GPS L1 + Glonass L1, 5G LTE
10 5.1-5.9GHz: 4W WiFi 11.a
Total : 80W

2 Ver Silencer CT–2010HB-5G-A 10 Bands
1 850-895MHz 10W CDMA
2 1800-2000MHz 10W DCS PCS
3 2100-2170MHz 10W 3G UMTS
4 2500-2700MHz 8W 4G High
5 725-805MHz 10W 4G Low
6 2300-2500MHz 8W WiFi 11b/n/g Bluetooth
7 610-652MHz 10W 5G LTE
8 1570-1620MHz 10W GPS L1 + Glonass L1
9 850-895MHz 10W CDMA
10 5.1-5.9GHz 4W WiFi 11.a
Total : 90W

Jamming Range: Radius 30~100 meters, for Drones UAVs up to 1000m
The distance always depending on the signal strength and location.
Battery 90 min Working Time
Power supply: AC110 or 220-240V /DC 27V
Dimension: 415 mm(L)×340mm(W)× 174 mm(H) Weight 8 kg

New model CT-2010HB-5G light is only 8 kg with up to 10 channels and the same power as much bigger unit’s 8-10W per band, total 90W with Built-in Directional Antennas. The device is designed to be used easily by anyone who can turn the switch on and off when needed and no special training is required. Designed to cut off down-link only, therefore it doesn’t have Interference to base station and repeaters. The effective blocking range is up to 100 meters. The jamming distance varies, depending on the signal strength and the location. It is a fully autonomous device with antennas and LiFePO4 battery capable of providing 90min of operating time.

CT-2010HB-5G is Extremely big improvement in a series of light portable Suitcase jammers, especially since the market demand for increasing power, because of increase in strength of mobile phone networks and the increasingly present 5G network. Also considering that the previous portable Jammers in Suitcase/Briefcase had a maximum power only 2-3W per Band, max 8 channels, with weight 10kg+ and Omni Antennas, and the fact that the old Suitcases needed to be opened to operate, new model will work from a closed briefcase directed where needed.

2 Years warranty, Neutral packing, OEM Manufacturer :
Silencer Portable suitcase 10 Bands 90W 5G Mobile 2.4Ghz 5Ghz GPS Jammer up to 100m
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