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  • Country: United States of America
  • City: Woodbridge, New Jersey
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Key Specifications
• Automatic capture of all people’s faces in the camera detection zone
• Ability to accurately capture and identify individuals using profile images and facial characteristics greatly expands the range of applications for facial recognition across numerous surveillance and business intelligence applications
• High recognition quality in a wide range of external conditions (camera angle, changing and insufficient illumination, heavy raining and snowing)
• Lack of critical dependency from cooperative behavior of people (the recognition process is less sensitive to the angle of inclination and rotation of one’s head)
• Retrospective photo search is carried out simultaneously both by protocol and by checklists
• Compares up to 20 detected persons per second against checklists’ records
• Unlimited number of checklists and persons per checklist
• The captured face similarity threshold configures specifically for each checklist
• Built-in automation mechanisms to program specific system responses to detected recognition events or checklist search
• Interoperability with security systems, access control systems and specialized third-party software
• Informs the operator (at monitor), sends notifications (by e-mail, SMS, etc.) to the response services in case appear of a particular person in the control zone
• Ensures the interoperability with ACS as well as to perform multi-factor authentication
• Transfers data to 3rd-party systems
• Applications include: critical infrastructures, airports, financial institutions, school campuses, border security, sea ports, and healthcare.
Intelligent Security Systems - SecurOS FaceX facial recognition solution
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Intelligent Security Systems - SecurOS FaceX facial recognition solution
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