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Key Specifications
Hot sale Photoelectric Beam Detector High Quality Quad Beam 4channel frequency Beam Sensor

Outdoor 50M to 250M optional for detecting range.


Model ABH-50L ABH-100L ABH-150L ABH-200L ABH-250L

Outdoor Range Outdoor 50m 100m 150m 200m 250m

Indoor 150m 300m 450m 600m 750m

Maximum Arrival Distance 300m 600m 900m 1200m 1500m

Detection Method Simultaneous interruption of 4 infrared beams or a group of 2 infrared beams

Interruption Time 50msec, 100msec,300msec,700msec (corresponding to 20,21,22,23)

Beam frequency 4 channel selectable (corresponding to 10,11,12,13)

Power Supply DC12~24V;  AC11~18V (12VDC recommendable)

Current Consumption 70mA max 80mA max 90mA max 100mA max 110mA max

Alarm Period 2sec (±1)

Alarm Output 1C. relay output (AC/DC30V, 0.5A max)

Tamper Switch NC, opens when cover removed

Operating Temperature     -25℃ to +55℃

Environment Humidity 95% max

Alignment Angle Horizontal 180°(±90°), Vertical 20°(±10°)

Mounting Wall or Pole

Protection Degree IP65

Material PC engineering plastic

Dimension (L*W*H) 92*90*291mm

Weight (Transimtter and Receiver) 2200g


(additional purchase)" Voltage 12V

Current 200mA max

Termperature +70℃

The infrared barriers, are based on the projection of infrared light beams (not visible),

between a sender and a receiver element, so as to interrupt the link beam both elements,

the alarm activation occurs corresponding.

The infrared light emission occurs through a semiconductor (LED type) of gallium arsenide

with a wavelength of 800-1000 Nm.

A single control element consists of a transmitter and a receiver, including distance apart

to be protected (depending on model) and power connections and alarm signals to the central station.

This latest installment we cover only the protected area the infrared beam, which in conventional s

ystems is often combined several transmitters and receivers in parallel to obtain a real barrier,

and as the naked eye do not look, They are inserted into columns of dark polycarbonate, which hide

the exact position of the transmitters within it.


The infrared barrier system is particularly suitable for covering parallel enclosed by walls or

fences, which do not allow closing with another system, where besides the lack of space is an issue


Hot sale Photoelectric Beam Detector High Quality Quad Beam 4channel frequency Beam Sensor
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Hot sale Photoelectric Beam Detector High Quality Quad Beam 4channel frequency Beam Sensor
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