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Key Specifications
Product Size: 1600*300*980mm
Material: SUS 304 stainless steel
Thickness: 1.2mm
Passage Direction: Single directional/Bi-directional
Standard Channel Width: 550mm
Sensor: 4 pairs of active infrared intrusion detector(JTK)
Throughput Rate: 30~35p/m
Reaction Time: 0.2S
Driving Voltage: DC24V 4.2A
Working Temperature: ·-20~+70℃
Power Input: AC220V,50Hz
Motor: Brushless DC Motor
Acoustic Alarm: Buzzer Alarm
LED: Triple Color LED
5. The telescopic arm will automatically lock when there is no gate opening signal is received.

1. The gate has fault self-check and alarm prompt function to facilitate user's maintenance and use;

2. The operational status of the device can be programmed at the main control panel;

3. Anti-pinch function. If the turnstile arms are hindered by something when it is about to close, the gate will open automatically or stop working within the ruled time. The gate arms will continue to work after the default period;

4. Acoustic and light alarming function: The gate will alarm in different occasions like unauthorized break in and tailing;

6. The data of turnstiles in different channels is synchronized.

7. The system will automatically cancel the visitor's access permission if visitor did no pass within the ruled time. The gate will resume to "waiting for open" status after 10S by default, and users can also adjust the period when the gate will resume to work..

8. The turnstile will automatically open after power-off and close automatically after power-on.

9. It can be linked with a variety of reading devices by receiving relay switch signal. The gate is compatible with face recognition, IC card, ID card, bar code card, fingerprint etc. reading device to realize coordinately smart control and management to access.

10. Single direction or two-way direction control of personnel accessing in and out is available.

12. The body design of the wing gate can be changed according to customer demands and the telescopic arm material is optional.
AG-TX28161502 is one of the flap barrier gate model HPT technolgy designed and developed. We have diferent patent products and we are also happy to provide customization service for our customers.
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Flap Barrier Gate Model No. AG-TX28161502
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