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What Makes A Good Turnstile Manufacturer?
Source: HPT technology
The year of 2022 marks the 10th anniversary of the founding of HPT Technology. In the past ten years, HPT Technology has been widely known and the market share gradually expand. HPT team is glad that we gain recognition from our customers. It is also proved that we have a right judgement on market and marketing strategies.

Turnstile Factory

HPT Technology wanted to get into the high-end turnstile market and competed directly with imported turnstiles.

Since established, HPT Technology strives to do research and development on turnstiles. In an industry, different customers have different requirements. If an enterprise wants to do a good job in an industry, it needs to be very close to the market. The closer it is to the market, the clearer it can be and the more accurate it can be, so as to transform the market demand into the technical points of the product and grasp the design and research and development of the product very accurately. We hope that with the spirit of craftsman and pragmatic attitude, we will focus on the turnstiles and make the best products, so as to serve our partners, customers and users well.

Good products are the foundation of success. Our company has established system and its surrounding industrial system with "product + user" as the core and "self-research + cooperation" as the structure. By tracking the application of products in the whole industry, analyzing competitive products and analyzing industry trends, we can develop turnstile gates with market potential and competitiveness. And based on the feedback of customers and users, we optimized and upgraded the product and created a product research and development plan, with the hope to provide users with better products and more intimate and high-quality service, thus to build a trusted and sought after domestic turnstile gate brand.

In the era of big data and artificial intelligence, the development of turnstile gate must keep pace with the times. In this regard, the company is constantly innovating and combining strong forces to explore the turnstile gate market in the new era and promote the development of new technologies, new products and new solutions in the industry, and even the breakthrough development of the industry to meet the needs of the era. A few years ago, HPT has begun to make a plan of turnstile gates working with face recognition system. This year, based on artificial intelligence and big data analysis, our company formally put forward the "AI+ turnstile gate, intelligent management" strategy to achieve AI entry and exit management. From Security Exhibition of this year in Shenzhen, turnstile gates working with face recognition devices have been widely used. The development of AI technology has brought a great opportunity to turnstile gate industry.

Ultimately, the success of enterprises depends on whether the enterprises can make high-quality products, and whether the enterprise can provide the best service. As a professional complete turnstile manufacturer, HPT has always been adhering to the concept of providing high-quality turnstile for global customers, continuously research and develop, make innovation, and even self-subversion. In the respect of research and development and innovation, our company has a high degree of perception about the core technology and process and we can form a long-term technology leading edge in the market. These are not only a kind of technical strength, but also can form the personalized trend of market pursuit. Different markets and different occasions have different requirements for turnstiles. Our company makes various turnstile solutions which make the turnstiles suitable for subway stations, railway stations, bus stations, office buildings, customs, airports, residential areas, factories, government agencies, schools, scenic spots, leisure places, etc.

HPT production quality control has always been known for strict in the turnstile industry. To make the products pass the high standard of certification is our responsibility to ourselves and our users. Although the quality standard of domestic turnstiles do not arrive quality standards of Europe and the United States, our company is striving to improve the quality standard. After all, we are now cracking the overseas market.

In the last ten years, HPT Technology has been exploring and developing in the turnstile industry and we make much progress.

HPT Technology is a professional complete turnstile manufacturer which provide tripod turnstiles, flap barrier turnstiles, swing turnstiles, speed turnstiles and full height turnstiles. Always welcome to contact us.

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