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The Craftsmanship of Turnstile
Source: HPT technology
The turnstile body is made of stainless steel. The stainless steel needs to go through laser cutting, bending, welding, grinding, and then become finished turnstile body.

The equipment needed: laser cutting machine, bending machine, welding machine, grinding machine

Material: SUS 304 stainless steel


turnstile factory

I. Use laser cutting machine to cut stainless steel panels

1) Clean laser cutting machine

2.) Input stainless steel cutting data in computer:

A,Input the stainless steel drawing data to the computer ;

B,Debug laser power and laser speed for cutting the stainless steel according to the actual laser effect; C,Confirm the data in computer, download the data, and transmit the data to the laser cutting machine.

3) Operate the laser cutting machine

a. Power on laser cutting machineand test according to the drawings. After testing, start laser cutting.

b. When you do the cutting, if the laser effect is not ideal effect and if there is deviation during cutting, you can adjust them with different operation on the machine.

c. The area control panel is also adjustable according to to the actual requirements.

d. After laser finished, press the stop button, then turn off the power switch, and turn off the computer.

e. Spot check production turnover sheet and label sheet.

turnstile manufacturer

II. The stainless steel sheet is bent by bending machine and welded by argon arc welding machine

1.When you assemble and disassemble the bending machine cutlass die, please confirm that the mahcine is turned off;

2.Starting up the bending machine and confirm that operation condition is good before you start to work;

3. The ratio of bending plate thickness and mahine groove for bending is 1:8. For example, if you need to bend 1.5mm thickness plate , you need to use a 12mm caliber groove.

4. Do not adjust the sliding block operating too low, otherwise it will damage the machine and knife slot.

5. When you position on the stainless steel or bend it, you must check the first piece and make sure it is qualified after self-inspection then you can do batch bending.

turnstile China factory

III. Wield the stainless steel poarts and polish it with a grinding machine

1. Before welding, the oxide, oil and rust on the surface of the weld area (groove surface, joint elevation and both sides of the weld) should be cleaned and present metallic luster.

2. Check whether the quality of the welds (groove form) meets the requirements of the drawings, evaluate the welding quality, contact the relevant departments if there is any doubt, so as to take corresponding technological measures.

3. Check whether the welding equipment is in normal operation, whether the index of each instrument is accurate and reliable, and then preset the welding current, voltage and protection gas flow according to the technical specification parameters provided by this process.

4. The welding material should be the same as the formal welding material, the length of spot welding should be 10-15mm (depending on the situation), and the thickness of spot welding should be 1/2 of the height of the welding foot (at least lower than the height of the welding foot).

5. For welding parts with preheating requirements, preheat according to the specification parameters required by the process document. The temperature must be measured by the thermocouple thermometer, and the width of the preheating range should conform to the provisions of the process document.

6. During welding, the burning status of the electric arc and the fusion of the base metal and the deposited metal should be closely watched. If any abnormality is found, the welding should be adjusted or stopped in time and corresponding improvement measures should be taken.

7. During layer welding, the slag between layers should be thoroughly removed, and the defects found on the weld surface should be repaired in time. If the temperature between layers is required in the welding process document, the next layer must be welded to ensure that the temperature between layers meets the process requirements.

turnsilte china factory

8. Use a grinding machine to smooth and polish the surface.

a. Before operation, check whether the components of the grinding machine are loose and whether the wires leaks electricity.

b. Define process content and grinding process (rough) according to drawings.

c. The grinding sheet should be loaded into the grinding machine firmly and match with the size and specifications of the grinding machine.

d. Do not exert too much force in grinding.

e. The edge corner and the chamfering should be polished.

f. In the process of grinding, it is necessary to master the motor temperature, and stop using it if the temperature is too high.

g. After operation, take good care of the grinding machine, and clean up the work site.

turnstile gate

IV. Use wire drawing machine to do wire drawing in accordance with the direction of the welding line, after that the turnstile bodies can be sent to assembly line.

1. After the front protection cover is opened, the operator stands on the side of the machine, lifts the lever pulled by the spring at the back of the wire drawing machine with one hand up, and takes out the sand belt on the front rotating wheel with the other hand, and installs the same sand belt.

2. Put the product on the operating table, and the surface must be clean, and check whether the product surface is with a 15mm-20mm gap.

3. Use iron nails on the operating table to position the product so as not to cause damage to boxes during processing.

4. Check whether roughness and appearance of the product after polishing are consistent with the drawing sand direction.

5. After the inspection is qualified, processing begins.


1. Check the electrical control box regularly and add lubricating oil to the sliding part regularly. The laser lens should be cleaned every day before going to work. Be sure to turn off the machine and unplug it before cleaning.

2. When the machine is running, do not put your hand on the knife slot, and do not put your foot on the foot switch when adjusting and positioning. When folding large parts, two persons should operate at the same time, and one person should command. Bending plate should be slow to prevent the fast speed damaging the tool die or machine.

3. Workers must wear work clothes and protective equipment according to company requirements. Welders take precautions when using electric grinding tools. Check whether the grinding wheel of the electric grinding tool is loose or not and whether it needs to be replaced before use. After use grinding machine, the power should be cut off in time.

4. The machine must be operated by skilled workers who are familiar with the machine operation rules and performance. After drawing and debugging, the surplus production tools and materials should be cleaned up in time.
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