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  • Country: Poland
  • City: Wysogotowo
  • Address: Serdeczna 3 62-081
  • Contact Person: Rafał Siemiński

Key Specifications
FIBARO Intercom can show you everyone who has arrived at your doorstep. It allows to transmit video of Full HD quality (1080p) and with a very wide angle of camera view up to 180 degrees in fish-eye perspective. This allows you to view and record not only people who are calling at our door, but also what is happening around the house or property. The device can even be used as an additional camera of an existing surveillance system. FIBARO Intercom also has a special night mode thanks to the IR diode, which is activated whenlow light intensity is detected. Solution of this kind allows to record high quality video even after dark.

This modern-looking, high-gloss device can be placed near the front door or gate to look after your safety.

The Intercom allows to control two gates, which might be opened using assigned PIN codes on rotating ring, holding up a phone towards the device or using dedicated app to do it remotely. The recordings can be stored on a SD card.


  • Rotating ring used for PIN codes,
  • Two relay outputs (to control gates),
  • Full HD video resolution (1080p/30fps),
  • Ultra-wide angle lens (180°),
  • IR illumination (for night view),
  • Noise-canceling microphones,
  • Speaker,
  • Proximity sensor.

FIBARO Intercom smart doorbell camera
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