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Key Specifications

The latest version of the exacqVision Video Management System (VMS), Version 6.0 is now available. This new release adds radically-faster search through our new SpeedSearch feature. Other major new features and improvements include advanced camera configuration, faster more responsive PTZ control, and over 80 new IP camera integrations. Included in this release are new enhanced versions of Exacq Mobile, Exacq Web Client, and Enterprise System Manager (ESM).

SpeedSearch - radically-faster search experience :
* Video frames automatically populate as the timeline cursor is moved around
* Once playing, video will download and play wherever you drag the timeline cursor
* Video will continue playing past the edge of the timeline
* Cameras added to the timeline are automatically selected
* Very fast, even in low-bandwidth connections

Advanced Camera Configuration
With exacqVision 6.0, Exacq has moved much of the camera configuration capabilities from the individual camera web pages to the exacqVision client user interface. This includes remotely controlling features such as Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), Auto-focus, and Flip/Rotate on supported cameras.

* Display Tab - User can now apply display settings to one or all cameras per server
* Video Tab – Now includes the advanced camera configuration choices shown in the table above.
* Recording Tab – Removed the need to navigate to the “Camera Recording” page
* Mechanical PTZ Tab – Configure a preset mechanical PTZ tour here
* Digital PTZ/Fisheye Tab – Configure digital PTZ from this tab
* Schedule Tab – the record schedule in now accessible from here and time-lapse camera configuration is now available

exacqVision VMS version 6.0
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