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  • Country: United States of America
  • Address: 7202 E 87th Street Suite 115 Indianapolis, IN 46256-1200 USA
  • Contact Person: Roger D. Shuman

Key Specifications

Archive Video and Audio to S-Series with Instant Search Capability
* Increase recoverability with backup from exacqVision recorders to S-Series storage
* Optimize network load with scheduled or continuous archiving
* Store critical video and audio longer with flexible, user-defined archiving rules
* Consolidate video archives from multiple video recorders on one or more S-Series

Extend exacqVision video storage to store more cameras or more days without additional video recorders
* Easily expand primary video recorder storage without complicated third-party storage
* Lower cost and greater flexibility with shared network storage compared to external storage on multiple recorders

Unified VMS Solution
* Reduce the complexity and cost of integrating disparate solutions with a complete exacqVision recorder and storage solution.
* No need to learn multiple systems to administer and monitor storage and recorders. Configure and monitor health from the same intuitive exacqVision client interface.
* Complete VMS support from Exacq Technologies

Expandable and High Reliability Storage
* Expandable to 32TB (S-Series Professional) or 80TB (S-Series Enterprise) with additional drives
* Fault tolerant of hard drive or power source failure with S-Series Enterprise
* RAID 5/6 and redundant power supplies
* Maximize hard drive reliability with enterprise-class hard drives


Tyco Exacq S-series enterprise VMS
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