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Key Specifications

exacqVision Virtual is a pre-configured virtual appliance that can be deployed in minutes on a VMware host server.

The virtual appliance is a completely pre-configured and supported bundle of Ubuntu Linux and exacqVision enterprise server software. Simply install the appliance and apply the Exacq license key to create a completely functional exacqVision server.

exacqVision Virtual is the fastest and most reliable way to deploy exacqVision enterprise on a VMware? host server. The virtual appliance is pre-configured by Exacq and certified by VMware? for interoperability and stability.

exacqVision Virtual is a free download. Camera and enterprise licenses must be purchased separately through a certified Exacq reseller.

* Easy Deployment - Spend minutes, not hours or days, to install exacqVision on a VMware? host server.
* Safe and Predictable - Developed by Exacq and tested by VMware for your peace of mind. Known resource requirements are prior to deployment to reduce unexpected hardware costs.
* Supported by Exacq - The Exacq technical support team is available to assist you during the installation and maintainance. exacqVision virtual includes all commonly used support tools for speedy resolution of issues.
* VMware Compatibility - exacqVision Virtual is a certified VMware ready appliance supported on VMware hosts with Vcenter and ESX 4.x and greater.

exacqVision Virtual
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