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Key Specifications

exacqVision Edge is a complete enterprise VMS (Video Management System) server for video surveillance that runs directly on an edge device, like an IP camera or encoder, without the need for a separate, central server. exacqVision Edge records to the IP camera's on-board SD memory card. Video can also be recorded to a NAS storage unit.

exacqVision Edge is a complete enterprise VMS, combining all of the features of exacqVision Pro and Enterprise software into the edge device. Multiple exacqVision Edge cameras can be viewed and searched simultaneously using the free exacqVision client, available for Windows, Linux and Mac. exacqVision Edge cameras can also be viewed and searched using the free exacq Mobile* apps available for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, Kindle Fire, and Blackberry Playbook.

* Use in Distributed Locations – Use in distributed locations, such as utility buildings, branch offices and quick-serve restaurants
* Add-on to existing exacqVision Systems – Add any number of additional cameras to existing exacqVision systems without the need for additional, separate servers. Ideal for out-buildings, branch offices, temporary installations, etc.
* Use with Wireless Cameras – Guaranteed recording in wireless IP camera deployments, such as parking lots, where network connectivity is less reliable
* Use in Isolated and Covert Recording Requirements - Record video in isolated or covert applications where network connectivity may not be available
* Easy Deployment – Install exacqVision Edge software on the camera, then ship to customer site for mounting and network connection
* Full exacqVision Performance and Functionality – The full functionality and performance of exacqVision Pro and exacqVision Enterprise is available in exacqVision Edge. Third-party integrations with POS, access control, LPR, video analytics; Video Wall; Mapping; Digital PTZ, and more are all included with exacqVision Edge.

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