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Key Specifications
CTC Series Ultra Long Range Cooled Thermal Camera

CTC Series Ultra Long Range Cooled Thermal Camera is developed on the basis of the latest cooled IR technology. Featuring high NETD, advanced digital circuit and image processing algorithm, the camera provides users crisp thermal images. The camera comes in 3 types, i.e. 20X continuous zoom, bi-fov and tri-fovn.

While ensuring wide coverage, it also meets ultra long range surveillance demand with 40km detection range. The camera enclosure is IP66 rated, which is designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions.


1. 20mk NETD ensures premium thermal image.

2. Unique AS continuous optical zoom and 3CAM high precision mechanical engineering.

3. Superb inhomogeneous correction ensures crisp thermal image.

4. SDE image enhancement.

5. Aluminum alloy enclosure, IP 66 rated.


Costal defense, harbor, oil field, river lane, airport, safe city.

10-60km surveillance Cooled infrared Thermal imaging Camera
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