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Key Specifications
Integrating visible camera, near-infrared laser illuminator with thermal camera, TRC series multi-spectrum camera is capable of conducting long-range monitoring in all black/foggy/rainy environment. In the daytime, telephoto HD lens works together with the 440000/2000000 pixel visible HD B&W camera. At night, 320*240/640*480 high sensitive FPA sensor and 1~3km NIR laser illuminator works. With 360°continuous PTZ, the multi-spectrum camera can conduct 24 hours real-time monitoring within1km-3km at night and 2km-10km in the daytime.

With built-in technical grade control electronic system, the camera can complete such functions as zooming, focusing and video switch easily. One integral aluminum alloy housing and IP66 ingress protection ensures its proper functioning outdoor.


Integrating visible camera, near-infrared laser illuminator and thermal camera.

NETD 50mk.

Fog penetration (optional), optical filtering in day time and DSP image processing technology enhances the image details in foggy/dusty environment.

Multi-video color mode. Thermal camera has 9 pseudo colors and B/W, B/W inverse color mode.

360°continuous rotation PT with load duty up to 50kg.

Integral aluminum alloy housing, IP66 ingress protection, waterproof, dustproof.


Border defense, railway&expressway security, seaport&airport security, city security, forest fire prevention, river&lake monitoring.

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