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Key Specifications
CEM System Innovation in Access Control
CEM Systems have been developing and delivering access control and security management solutions for over 25 years. Throughout this time CEM have continuously developed the core AC2000 security management system and successful introduced several industry firsts. These include intelligent card readers with built in memory, Power over Ethernet Plus door control and Portable handheld card readers.

emerald continues CEM’s innovation in access control
emerald from CEM Systems is an intelligent multifunctional IP access terminal that provides more at the door. The first of its kind, emerald is a Touch screen Reader, Door Controller, VoIP Intercom and System Terminal all in a single box.
The innovative touch screen LCD greets cardholders by illuminating as they approach, providing a user friendly security experience. emerald’s IP65 rated polycarbonate enclosure and custom LCD touch screen is both dust and water resistant, meaning that it can be used both inside and outside.
For enhanced security emerald offers a keypad for additional PIN verification, and for an added layer of security a scramble keypad can be implemented.

Intelligent Touch Terminal
emerald has a bright, touch sensitive, scrollable 4.3inch graphical LCD, with hardened glass and an anti-glare coating. It displays meaningful messages and images to cardholders such as Wrong Door, Lost/Stolen Card, Expiring Card, and Access Granted. emerald can also display advertising when idle, enabling potential revenue generation in airports or large office complexes when the reader is not in use; show company announcements, helping to remind employees of health and safety policy information or important company notifications; and display personalized messages, allowing a company to send key messages to specific individuals which they can acknowledge they have read.

Remote Applications
emerald has a range of Remote Applications making AC2000 system intelligence available at the door. Using secure communications these remote apps display useful information, reports, statistics and maintenance information. This allows maintenance engineers or security personnel to quickly access key information on the AC2000 system and the readers directly at the door, saving time and improving efficiency. emerald remote apps also allow authorized card holders to book available meeting rooms, check visitor status, change PIN, update threat levels and more all directly from the door. Remote apps allow emerald to be a system terminal, providing a faster and easier way for cardholders to check and make updates to certain elements like PIN, visitor status and more without having to go to the system administrator.

Range of Operational Door Modes
emerald also has a range of operational door modes. Entry checklist mode displays a sequence of up to 5 questions with images that the cardholder must affirm for entry. This allows companies to implement specific health and safety policies or provide an extra layer of verification before cardholders enter an area. For example before entering a construction area, cardholders must answer positively to questions like ‘Are you wearing hard hat?’, ‘Are you ear protection?’ before gaining entry.
Image on Swipe mode displays the cardholder image on the terminal following card swipe. Security personnel can the grant or deny access on this additional layer of visual verification.
Passenger mode allows a door to be kept open for a prolonged period of time. Passenger mode is particularly useful for airports when a large group of passengers are arriving or departing for flights.

Fully Integrated VoIP Intercom
With a built in microphone and speaker, emerald has Voice over IP intercom functionality. This enables fully integrated communication from a single platform, allowing the cardholder to easily communicate directly with the security officer. This is a cost effective solution for intercom functionality without the requirement to buy another system.

For more information on emerald go to or contact CEM Systems directly at or +44 (0)28 9045 6767
CEM emerald intelligent access terminal
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