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Key Specifications

The AC2000 video interface for American Dynamics Embedded ADTVR provides the ability to associate access control alarms with digital video clips and to view live camera footage. This enables AC2000 to act as the central Security Management System (SMS).

The AC2000 ‘Video Configuration’ module seamlessly integrates AC2000 with the ADTVR, giving the operator a range of video imaging facilities to generate alarm reports with recorded video playback. The interface also allows system operators to view live video feed, configure live video popup on alarm and control camera positioning and presets.

The high level two-way interface allows a user to fully integrate the power of an American Dynamics ADTVR video system into the central AC2000 AED (Alarm and Event Display) application. AC2000 AED module enables all alarms, events and associated camera footage to be displayed centrally on the AC2000 system, including the ability to receive alarms from the TVR such as video motion and video loss.

* Seamless integration with American Dynamics ADTVR
* Associate access control alarms with digital video footage
* Live video feed activated directly from AC2000 AED (Alarm and Event Display) application
* Live video pop-up based on alarm priority or time
* Receive alarms from the ADTVR system
* Camera icons can be positioned in AED module alongside access control readers
* Display up to 16 individual camera feeds simultaneously in a single screen virtual matrix

CEM AC2000 ADTVR Interface American Dynamics Embedded Video Recorders
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