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Key Specifications

The SIA Intruder Interface with AC2000 enables alarms from intruder detection systems to be displayed using a single alarm display screen.

Intruder detection panels are added to AC2000 as separate devices with alarms generated by the panels forwarded to AC2000 over an Ethernet network using the SIA protocol. Each panel is added to the system in groups of 8 or 16 inputs using a user friendly application which simplifies the configuration of larger intruder panel systems by automatically creating and addressing entries in the AC2000 devices table thereby greatly reducing the amount of data the operator must enter.

Alarms from the intruder panels are sent to AC2000 where the SIA codes are extracted and mapped to AC2000 system alarms. These alarms are treated like all other alarms on the access control system where they can be sent to the AED (Alarm and Event Display) application for visual annunciation and acknowledgement. Alarms can also activate other systems, such as CCTV matrix, or be used to cause video images to be recorded on a compatible digital video management system (DVMS).

* Seamless integration with intruder detection systems
* Activated alarms shown instantly within AC2000 AED (Alarm and Event Display) module
* Alarm zone icons can be placed on to graphical maps in AED module alongside access control readers
* Simple configuration tool to create entire intruder detection systems within AC2000
* Displays up to 64 different alarms groups that can contain numerous SIA alarms
* Compatible with multiple Intruder detection systems

CEM AC2000 SIA Intruder Interface
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