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Key Specifications

The AC2000 Visitors module offers a comprehensive visitor management solution that is fully integrated with the CEM AC2000 Lite and AC2000 SE (Standard Edition) access control systems. The Visitors application provides a powerful tool to monitor and control access for temporary cardholders (visitors).

System administrators can easily add a visitor record to include information such as visitor details, reason for visit, and scheduled time of appointment along with the name of the sponsor responsible for the visitor.

Fully equipped with CEM designed image editing software, the visitors’ image can be captured on arrival and saved with their details. Temporary ID cards with visual identification can be printed and assigned to visitors with Access privileges and Timezones defined such as valid from/to. Alternatively, a batch of designated Visitor cards can be used and issued to visitors for the duration of their visit.

The application also offers useful features such as a card trace feature allowing a visitor to be tracked each time they use their card using the AC2000 AED (Alarm Event Display) graphical maps application. There is also the ability to add a Blacklist identifier to a Visitor record e.g. if they have not returned a card on a previous visit you could highlight this.

* Manage visitor access control
* Create a list of scheduled visits
* Record visitor details, sponsor and reason for visit
* Capture visitors’ image/signature
* Full ID card printing capability
* Functional search facility e.g. search for ‘Expected Arrivals’
* Easy to use Query/Browse/Edit toolbar
* Trace facility for visitor cards
* Blacklist identifier
* Allocate time permissions & Access levels ? Simple Return button for reusable visitor cards
* Full history of visits stored for reporting – replaces need for manual paper-based ‘visitors

CEM AC2000 Visitors Integrated Visitor Management
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