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Key Specifications
DCR Combo PalmVein & Smartcard Reader

The DCR Combo combines palmvein scanner and a contactless smart card reader supported different standards (Legic Advant, HID iClass SE, Mifare Desfire) into one desktop compact device. A SAM (Secure Access Module) is also possible built-in to increase the device security.

DCR Combo has a powerful ARM9 processor for on device image processing. It communicates with the smart card reader by internal secure serial interface. After a palmvein image is captured, ARM9 will process the image and generate a template for smart card storage, MoD (Match On Device) or MoC (Match On Card) processing.

DCR Combo is an ideal device for highly secure two-factor authentication application. A user can register palmvein biometric data and store on smart card (carried by user) and do MoD or MoC with a freshly captured a palm from scanner at the time of authentication. The registered biometric template will never leave the smart card that further enhances the system security.


• Flexible scenarios: MoC, MoD, custom user`s configuration

• TCP/IP interface, plug and play device

• POE power supply IEEE802.3af class 3

• SSL encrypted connection to the management software

• WEB interface

• Free SDK

• Internal USB Host

• 3 LED indication, built in buzzer.

• Operation temperature: -20 to +50 Degree Celsius

• Dimensions (H x W x D) 195 x 115 x 120 mm

Specification - Palmvein matcher

• Palmvein scanner: optical, infrared, multispectral

• With internal memory for 300 000 palmvein template storage

• Identification time MoD mode (1:2500): 1 second

• Identification time MoC (1:1): 0,3 second

• FAR (False Acceptance Rate): 0,000006 %

• Event log capacity: 1M

• Unique serial number programmed to USB Device Descriptor

Specification - Smart card reader

• Support card reader: MIFARE Classic/DESFire EV1 (13.56 MHz), HID Prox/iClass/iClass SE (125 kHz / 13.56 MHz), Legic Advant (13.56 MHz) cards

• Read/Write Speed up to 848Kbps

• Card reading distance 30mm

• Support SAM (Secure Access module)

Typical Application

• e-Government

• e-Banking and e-Payment

• e-Healthcare

• Transportation

• Network Security

DCR Combo PalmVein & Smartcard Reader
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