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BioSmart Mobile ID opens new ways for high-secure biometric solutions
Source: BioSmart
BioSmart Mobile ID is a solution based on LEGIC? Connect service and Biosmart palm vein recognition technology. It allows organizing sophisticated biometric access control system (ACS), where all user personal data, including biometric templates is stored on user mobile device.
System consists of four main components: BioSmart server, LEGIC Connect, User smartphone and BioSmart PV-WTC palm vein terminal.
1. BioSmart server is intended for enrollment, LEGIC registration, and system management.
2. LEGIC connect provides keysets for user data and transfers data between server and user devices.
3. User smartphone is used as a platform for BioSmart mobile app, that keeps biometric templates, access right and credentials as NEON files
4. BioSmart PV-WTC with LEGIC 6000 series IC inside reads data from nearest devices via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Near Field Communication (NFC). It can be connected with lock for physical security, or connected to another third-party ACS.

How does it work
During the enrollment in BioSmart Studio v5 software on BioSmart server, user may be also registered in LEGIC Connect service. User data, access rights and biometric templates will be sent through the LEGIC Connect as an encrypted NEON files to mobile app on user smartphone. When user phone comes close to the access point, equipped with BioSmart PV-WTC Terminal, NEON files with user data, access rights and biometric templates will be read via BLE by the terminal and temporarily kept in its memory. Once the data is loaded, user can gain an access by presenting a palm.
User mobile phone may also be used as a configuration tool for BioSmart PV-WTC. It may keep a NEON files with settings, work modes and log data from the terminal.
Main advantages of the solution
- Protection of user biometric data, provided by LEGIC
- Database only consists of UIDs and access rights
- Performance does not depend on the number of users
- Two-factor authentication (Phone + Palm)
- Unlimited amount of access points, that may be isolated from each other
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