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Key Specifications
Benewake Solid-state 3D Lidar Distance Measurement/Detection Sensor Wide FOV CE30-A for Robots AGV Mobile Robotics Autonomous Vehicles obstacle avoidance

CE30-A is a solid-state infrared LiDAR which is developed based on the ToF principle. Equipped with its special hardware design, it can complete the measurement of wide horizontal FOV and output the grey and depth information at the same time.

With its specially optimized obstacle avoidance mode, the detecting area of interest can be set. The single-point projection distance information of the nearest distance point could be transferred through CANBUS. Compared with single-line scanning LiDAR, CE30-A does not contain any rotating components, which could ensure the reliability, durability, and a wider vertical detecting range.

CE30-A Specification:
Method: Time of flight
Peak Wavelength: 850nm
FoV: 132*9 degree
Pixel Resolution: 320*24
Frame Rate: 20fps
Ranging Resolution: 1cm
Detecting Range: 0.1~4m
Repeatability(1σ): ≤3cm
Accuracy: ≤5cm
Ambient Light Resistance: 60k lux
Data Interface: CAN
Operating Temperature: 0~50ºC
Supply Voltage: DC 12V(≥2A)
Power Consumption: ≤4.5W
Dimensions: 79*47*50mm
Enclosure Rating: IP65
Eye Safety Class: Risk group 0 in accordance with EN 62471
Weight: 216g

Principle of Ranging:
The ranging principle of CE30-A is based on Time of Flight (TOF). CE30-A emits modulated near-infrared light, which will be reflected by the object and received by CE30-A again. CE30-A calculates the phase difference and time difference between the emitted and received light, which will be further converted to the clearance of the shot scene.

Obstacle Avoidance Mode
The obstacle avoidance mode of CE30-A is especially developed for the robot obstacle avoidance application. Under this mode, CE30-A will select out the most critical obstacle for the robots and provide the information to the robots.

Setting Warning Region under Obstacle Avoidance Mode
We set the function of warning zone under the obstacle avoidance mode. With the function, though CE30-A still detects the whole detecting range, it only sends warning signals and obstacle information to the robot when there are objectives in the warning area.

We could set the region of interest (ROI) by the width and depth.

Typical Application:
Robot Obstacle Avoidance
AGV Navigation & Positioning
Short Distance Trigger
Wheel Ahead Detection / Alert

Real Application Video for Warehouse AGV Obstacle Avoidance:
Solid-state LiDAR 3D LiDAR distance measurement sensor for robot AGV autonomous vehicles
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