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Key Specifications
Benewake LiDAR Laser Rangefinder Distance Detection Sensor TF02 for Drones/UAV/Robots/Crane anti-collision obstacle avoidance and intelligent detection

1.Product Overview

The LiDAR sensor (Light detection and ranging sensor) is based upon ToF (Time of Flight), supplemented by particular optics, electricity, and design, so as to measure distance with stability, precision, high sensitivity, and high speed.

Key Features:

High sensitivity, ranging 22 meters

High speed measurement with a maximum sampling frequency of 100Hz

Excellent anti-ambient light usability (operable under 100kLux ambient light)

IP65 Protection

Anti-corrosive against pesticide

Small in size and light weight

Major Applications

UAV/Drones Autonomous landing and hazard avoidance

Drone altitude holding and terrain following

Machine control sensors

Safety sensor

Crane Safety Operation

Tower Crane Anti-collision

Obstacle Avoidance

Intelligent Parking

Camera video recording trigger


Distance measuring instrument

Optical Principle

TOF is short for Time of Flight. It refers to that a sensor emits modulated near infrared light, which reflects when objects are in the way. TOF then converts the distance away from the filmed scenery by calculating the time difference or phase difference between emission and reflection, thereby generating in-depth information.

Benewake LiDAR Optical Rangefinder Distance Detection Sensor TF02
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