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Key Specifications
Benewake TFmini micro LiDAR sensor for accurate security detection level measurement

Unidirectional ranging LiDAR
High-precision & High-speed measurement
Eye-safe infrared LED light
Compact size, light weight
Good performance for height fixing and terrain following drones

TFmini is a single-point micro ranging module and could be widely used in the integrated application of various drones, UAVs, Robots and industrial equipments. 

Main Product Characteristics
This product is based on ToF (Time of Flight) principle and integrated with unique optical and electrical designs, so as to achieve stable, precise, high sensitivity and high-speed distance detection.

Product Name TFmini
Operating range 0.3m-12m
Maximum operating range at 10% reflectivity 5m
Average power consumption 0.12W
Applicable voltage range 4.5V-6V
Acceptance angle 2.3°
Minimum resolution ratio 5mm
Frequency 100Hz
Accuracy 1% (less than 6m), 2% (6m-12m)
Distance detection unit Mm
Wavelength 850nm
Size 42mm×15mm×16mm
Operating temperature -20ºC-60ºC
Light sensitivity 70,000lux
Weight 6.1g
Communication interface UART
Typical Applications:
Robots Obstacle avoidance
Drones Anti-collision
UAV Terrain Following
Level Measurement
Tank / Bins Status Detection
Intelligent Parking Sensing
Intelligent Parking Lot Light Control
Crane Safety Operations
Wheel Ahead Detection/Alert
Vehicle Position Sensing
Vehicle Detection for Barrier Gate Control
Portable Ruler
Triggering Switch
Part of Rotating LiDAR
Glasses for Blind Person
Micro LiDAR Distance Measurement Sensor TFmini for Security Detection Anti-collision
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