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Key Specifications
8/16 zones digital voice control panel has 8 wire and 8 wireless zones. It can be expanded to 16 wire zones. This system use the most advanced Micro-processing technology, high integration and good reliability. With many flexible interface, really versatile and user friendly.


◎High speed communication, adopt Ademco4+2 or Contact ID protocol.
◎Support 5 alarm center numbers and 4 user numbers, will auto-dial these numbers when alarm occur.
◎One master password, four user password.
◎Real partition arming and disarming.
◎Free charge for arming and disarming.
◎Support arm/disarm and program remotely by phone.
◎Maximum support 6 keypads.
◎Built-in "Black Box", Can record up to 40 events.
◎Built-in voice module, MAX 20 seconds recording, will notify the owner via voice when alarm triggered.
◎5 kinds of arming modes. Arming when left, Arming when at home, Single zone arming, Delay arming and Access control arming.
◎6 zone types: Instant zone ,delay zone, 24-hour zone, internal zone, intelligent zone and bypass zone.
◎Automatic recovery function: The information before the power outage and host settings will not change when power failure.
◎Digital high-frequency filtering processing, suitable for ADSL line.
◎Optical isolation circuit design, has a super anti-lightning function.
◎"Watchdog" function to prevent the crash.
◎With back-up battery 12V7AH UPS can support at least 24 hours.
Alean GSM & PSTN Combined Alarm Control Panel
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