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ALEAN outdoor activities
Source: Rick Zhao
Towards the begining of 2015, ALEAN company has organized a picnic and cycling tour to all the staff for their hard work.
This outdoor activities not only create a fun relaxing holiday weekend for everyone,but also enhance the friendship between colleagues.

We took the bus to the destinations. Along the way, the tour guide let everyone together to play games. Children have
no stage fright for everyone to recite a poem in the open sound show.Then we play the game named"pass hat",we pass
the hat to each other within the moderator count ,when time’s up,the people who hold the hat must sing a song for
everyone . With laughter, we arrived at the first stop - Dapeng Ancient City.

After visiting the ancient city, close to noon, we came to the "do picnic" ,all the staff are divided into 10 groups ,each
group have selected a leaser to arrange the picnic.We pick up ingredients for cooking, the other team members are
clear division of labor,fire, pick vegetables, vegetables, vegetable, dumplings, etc; Everything has orderly conduct,like
a big family.

After dinner nap later, we came to the last stop - Yangmeikeng, it’s a scenic tourist resort, everyone was attracted
to the blue of the sea here, each picked a good bike, alongthe sea road riding by a bicycle.We feel the cool sea
breeze,and watching the big beach wedding photographs of the couple, it is so comfortable.We play very fun in
the whole day,this travel is not a simple tour,but rather reflects the solidarity and fraternity of everyone .
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