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  • Country: Israel
  • City: Rosh Haayin
  • Address: 13 Hamelacha St., Afek Industrial Park, Rosh Ha''ayin, 4809129 Israel
  • Contact Person: Roni Kresner

Key Specifications
Agent Vi’s innoVi Enterprise is an innovative Deep Learning-powered video analytics software designed to meet the high-end security and safety needs of multiple vertical sectors.

innoVi Enterprise includes a comprehensive suite of real-time detection rules as well as an autonomous real-time Anomaly Detection capability. Agent Vi’s breakthrough Anomaly Detection capability, which does not require any pre-definition or configuration by the operator, is a robust, continuously-learning capability that instantly alerts users to irregular incidents, particularly in complex scenarios or very large installations where implementation of standard detection rules is not applicable.

Powered by Deep Learning technology, innoVi Enterprise boasts a highly accurate object classification methodology that learns to accurately classify and distinguish between various object types such as persons, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, trucks, buses and static objects. This powerful technology allows users to fine tune system alerts to very specific objects of interest and opens the door to much broader opportunities for implementation of video analytics, especially in large-scale outdoor surveillance installations.

innoVi Enterprise eliminates the need for continuous human monitoring of surveillance cameras. It automatically detects and alerts to security and safety incidents in real-time, helping users to uncover otherwise hidden events, generate insights, and provide situational awareness to effectively manage incidents and enable effective responses, as events unfold.

innoVi Enterprise is a centrally managed software, available as an Agent Vi Hosted service or as a Customer Hosted (on-premise) solution, that is ideal for distributed and/or remote sites. The service is easy to setup and configure, is constantly updated and can scale from small to large, seamlessly. Any ONVIF/RTSP cameras can connect to innoVi via the innoVi Edge appliance which transforms any camera into an intelligent, video analytics-enabled device.
innoVi Enterprise
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