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  • Country: Israel
  • City: Rosh Haayin
  • Address: 13 Hamelacha St., Afek Industrial Park, Rosh Ha''ayin, 4809129 Israel
  • Contact Person: Roni Kresner

Key Specifications
innoVi Remote Guarding

Intrusion Detection and Monitoring for Organizations and Security Services Providers

innoVi is Agent Vi''''s unique, centrally managed, video analytics Software as a Service (SaaS). innoVi is powered by Deep Learning technology for unparalleled detection accuracy.

innoVi’s Deep Learning algorithms continuously learn to categorize objects with precision to transform ordinary CCTV cameras into smart video devices, uncovering otherwise hidden incidents, insights and information.

innoVi Remote Guarding delivers accurate, automatic, real-time detections of security breaches at remote sites with immediate video verification. It enables more customers to be monitored and an increased level of security, without requiring an increase in the number of security staff.

innoVi Remote Guarding automatically detects such security breaches as perimeter intrusion and unauthorized access to facilities and generates alarms in real-time, enabling rapid responses as incidents unfold. The alarms are sent to a Central Monitoring Station (CMS) / Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), accompanied by a video clip showing the security breach. The video clip enables immediate verification and supports the response and action requirements of both the CMS / ARC and law enforcement agencies.

Automatically Detects Security Breaches in Real-Time:
- Detects perimeter intrusions and sterile zone breaches
- Generates real-time alarms
- Alarm sent to Control Room with video clip
- Immediate video verification
- Enables fast response by Control Room and/or Law Enforcement

The Challenge of Guard Effectiveness:
- Even the best guards lose attention to video after 20 minutes
- Guards must watch door and surroundings while also checking guests
- Fatigue limits usefulness
- More cameras increases overload
- When away from their post, Guards aren’t monitoring cameras

Automated Video Analysis:
- Solves guard fatigue
- Guard can focus on checking guests without missing incidents
- Expands guard reach by monitoring areas / zones not visible or accessible
- Analysis continues even as Guard is away from post
- Allows Guards to do what they do best: assess and respond

innoVi – Centrally Managed:
- Ideal for remote sites
- Minimal setup and configuration
- Seamlessly scalable without redesign
- Built-in security, automatically updated
- 24/7 health monitoring

innoVi Remote Guarding - Detect, Verify & Act!
innoVi Remote Guarding
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