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Key Specifications
WebEyeAlert Web Server integrates with WebEyeAlert’s recording systems for remote video monitoring and remote security system control.

WebEyeAlert Web Server provides a gateway between the user, the security camera network, and video storage. Through the Web Server, remote users can access their offsite image database or establish direct peer-to-peer communication with the local WebEyeAlert recording system for remote video monitoring of live and recorded video and system management.

Once logged in to their WebEyeAlert Web Server account users are presented with the event management page. Thumbnail images, generated by alarms or intrusions from any camera on any WebEyeAlert recording system, are presented on the page, and can be sorted by camera, event type, date and time. The images provide direct links into the recorded videos, enabling one-click instant event replay. Users can do a quick search for an event, e-mail the complete video file from the event management page, or export a clip within a file during video playback. Live video is also just one click away, as each event image can lead directly to live video on that specific camera. Live video provides digital zoom options, Pan/Tilt/Zoom control (if supported by the camera), and views of other cameras, recordings, or events at the click of the mouse.

Understanding how users manage multiple digital security systems at the same time, the Web Server provides a platform on which multiple WebEyeAlert recording systems can be integrated into one unified solution, providing users with an efficient management interface to easily control and access all their systems. There are no limits as to how many WebEyeAlert recording systems can be incorporated into this networked solution. With a username and password, authorized users can remotely access any number of recording systems, and even view live views from up-to-four different systems on one screen. This centralized management capability enables users to efficiently manage remote monitoring of multiple locations.

WebEyeAlert's Web Server is not just a remote video monitoring system, but a tool to help users capitalize on the Internet or intranet infrastructure to extend the WebEyeAlert digital security solution beyond local boundaries.

WebEyeAlert Web Server
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