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Key Specifications
The Aboundi APL1100-200 UltraSpeed PowerLine Ethernet NetBridge allows the Plug-and-Play simplicity utilizing the existing facility AC power electrical wiring as networking connections. The NetBridge allows IP Camera, Video Server, POS machine, Media Converter, Printers, Digital Signage and Network Equipments to be easily networked through multiple AC power outlets to share Internet access.

With build-in Quality of Service (QOS) and 200Mbps high speed data transmission capability, APL1100-200 ensures the high-quality, consistent performance network for multimedia and entertainment distribution of IPTV, HDTV, SDTV and other digital multimedia content and data networking applications.

The APL1100-200 NetBridge connects to any 10/100Mbps Ethernet ports on the computer, hence make it compatible with any Mac, Windows, and Unix machines.

All APL1100-200 NetBridge devices are equipped with 168-bit Tri-DES encryption for enhanced security. Combined with network segmentation and device encryption, the NetBridge is as secure as any traditional Ethernet wiring.
APL1100-200 UltraSpeed PowerLine Ethernet NetBridge
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