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Aboundi Inc. recognizes the IBEW Local 490 New Hampshire JATC as its certified Electric Connect training facility
Source: Aboundi Marketing
Innovative Electric Connect solution prepares New Hampshire JATC apprentices to meet the challenges of upcoming ubiquitous high speed networking connectivity frontiers

Nashua, NH – May 8, 2009 – Aboundi Inc. has recognized IBEW Local Union 490 JATC as its first off-site third party certified training facility for its innovative Electric Connect technologies.

Electric Connect is commercially advanced, cost-effective deployment solution that enables high speed Ethernet packets to traverse over existing legacy copper wiring as its networking infrastructure. It encompasses many different transmission mediums, such as in-premise electrical wirings, coaxial cables and voice grade twisted pairs. Electric Connect complements the existing structured networking infrastructure with CAT5/6, fiber and WiFi as its Ethernet based IP applications.

“Aboundi’s Electric Connect technology is very impressive and this new technology synergistically complements our mandate to provide our apprentices with the ‘Green Technology’ knowledge in addition to our Wind and Solar renewable energy technologies program,” said Jonathan Mitchell, training director for the IBEW Local Union 490 JACTC based in Concord, New Hampshire. “The ability to network high speed data over the existing electrical wirings opens up a whole new frontier for many future ubiquitous applications. Its greatest merit is minimizing the need for installing additional expensive CAT5/6 copper for much of the in-premise wiring in order to provide networking applications.”

“I appreciate the opportunities Electric Connect brings forth to our apprentice students," commented Lyle Doughty, Chairman of the IBEW Local Union 490. “This new technology prepares our students to meet more complex challenges in their future endeavors."

“We are most delighted to have the opportunity to introduce our Electric Connect to broader industry professionals at the grass roots level through an organized and well-equipped facility,” said Hong Yu, President and CEO of Aboundi Inc. “We are very honored to become the IBEW Local 490 technology training partner, where our Electric Connect technology and knowledge will benefit the apprentices and provide the opportunity to flourish through knowledge-sharing opportunities. We believe the ability to network utilizing the existing in-premise copper wiring will be the wave of the future. It will not only reduce the Total Cost of Deployment (TCD) but also provide the ability to accelerate many IP based ubiquitous applications, such as smart facility energy management, security / video surveillance, and audio video (AV) appliances networking. We will work diligently with the JATC team to continually upgrade our program as both organizations learn more from the expansion possibilities of our applications.”

About IBEW Local Union 490 JATC NH Electrical Training Facility
IBEW Local 490 JATC is New Hampshire’s new Joint Apprenticeship Training Council electrical training center co-sponsored by the National Electrical Contractor’s Association (NECA), which officially opened on September, 2008 in Concord, New Hampshire. The training center is a state-of-the-art 8,080 square-foot facility with seven classrooms and a large lab to train all skills required to become a licensed journeyman electrician, from pipe-bending, programmable logic control to emerging technologies, including solar / photovoltaic and wind energies. Industry leaders have referred to the facility and its programs as “the future of the electrical industry” in the state.

About Aboundi, Inc.
Aboundi, Inc. is the leading company providing POS/Retail/Hospitality, Small to Medium-sized Businesses (SMB), Municipalities and Enterprises with commercially advanced and cost-effective deployment solutions utilizing the existing/legacy copper wiring as their networking infrastructure. Our combined solutions of ‘Electric Connect’ and ‘WebEyeAlert’, an open system IP based camera brand agonistic remote video surveillance monitoring and management software platform, provide corporate, commercial and institutional clients with unparalleled cost-effective and powerful networking solutions.

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