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Key Specifications
The patent pending Aboundi APL4200-200 UltraSpeed Series UPS-able Quad PowerLine Ethernet NetBridge allows the Plug-and-Play simplicity with continuous networking connectivity even during power outage by utilizing the existing UPS system to facilitate network powering support. The APL4200-200 enables IP Camera, Video Server, POS machine, Media Converter, Printers, Digital Signage and Network Equipments for easy Local Area Networking (LAN) and broadband access in a tight clustered space with its 200Mbps high bandwidth.

The APL4200-200 NetBridge can be quickly installed for commercial applications where small to medium sized networking group requires UPS operational continuity. This networking group can be very easily reallocated without the need to rewire “home run” Ethernet drops to such cluster group locations with uninterruptible network operational reliability.

The APL4200-200 NetBridge is designed specifically for small cluster networking applications by providing four MDI/MDIX auto detection RJ-45 ports that can be connected to any 10/100Mbps Ethernet ports on computers and other peripheral devices. The build-in four noise filtered and surge protected AC power plugs not only provides UPS pass through support but also with short circuit protection to the UPS source.
APL4200-200 UltraSpeed Series UPS-able Quad PowerLine Ethernet NetBridge
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