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ONVIF compliance for the network video recorders NVX

It is available a new version of the network video recorders NVX, robust and reliable units specially designed to fulfill the video surveillance functions of any kind of installations thanks to their advanced technology, that ensures the agility of video streams transmission even on networks with limited bandwidth.

The new generation of NVX video recorders allows for:

Real-time monitoring, recording and play-back of 4, 9 or 16 video streams from AxisIP cameras and now also for ONVIF compliant IP cameras.
Support of ONVIF encoders for analog cameras connection
Compatibility with the VMS Supervisor X to fulfill the management of multiple network video recorders
Compatibility with the video decoder AX-TV and with the Visual Tools’ monitoring applications VT-Viewer and VT-Player, meant respectivelyfor displaying live video and playback recorded video with iPad devices.
Dome control Precise PTZ, that works with absolute coordinates achieving an unprecedented skill and precision. With the click of the mouse centers the image on the spot and drawing a rectangle on the image makes precise zoom on it.

And of course:

The NVX recorders permit the visualization of 4, 9 or 16 streams of live video (cameras or views) in full screen or quads, with automatic or manual control of the video stream, control and movement of PTZ cameras and presets, digital zoom and information on the video viewer of the available actions for the selected device. They also provide information of the associated digital inputs and outputs and additional information on the connection and disk status.

The NVX recorders perform time-lapse, event and/or motion detection recordings from different cameras simultaneously and with independent frame rates. The interface shows a colored map of the different recordings and offers VMD filters for greater flexibility in retrieving sequences. Once the selected video is in the display, the user has dynamic digital zoom and the needed controls to manage the sequence playback easily.

In addition to their installation system, which is supported with camera auto-detection, The NVX have a complete menu with the necessary tools for configuring the video input and network parameters, set the recordings specifications for the different cameras, and customize the digital inputs and outputs .., allowing the user to ensure the recordings and to maximize flexibility in the transmission and disk space.

4, 9 and 16 channel Linux embedded NVRs
Supports ONVIF compliant IP cameras and Axis cameras in native mode
Supports ONVIF encoders for using analg cameras
Models with 1TB, 2TB or 4TB HDD
Visualization at 25 fps per camera
Live and recorded video at multiple resolutions (up to 5 Mpx)
H.264 precise and intelligent recordings of up to 16 cameras at 25 fps HDTV
Optimized transmission for limited bandwidth (transcoding) for live and recorded video
PTZ camera control and support of cameras with views (cameras 360o)
Smart zoom function (ePTZ) in live video and playback of cameras without PTZ function
Precise zoom for PTZ cameras
Nameable presets for PTZ and ePTZ cameras
Intelligent sequence searching system (date and time, event, VMD)
Simplified installation system with camera auto-detection
8 Alarm inputs and 4 relay outputs integrated in the hardware for ease of installation.
Schedule control by digital input or calendar
Integrated free DDNS system for dynamic IP addresses management
Time synchronization system with external NTP server
Access, export, maintenance and upgrades via Internet Explorer or from the VMS Supervisor X
Sending of alarms with images (VAV) to a control centre
VT-Viewer and VT-Player iPad applications for live and recorded video monitoring
Sending of alarms with images (VAV) to a control centre
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