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Key Components, CCTV, IP Camera
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  • Miktam Technoloies .Inc

  • Country: Taiwan
  • City: Taipei
  • Address: 7FA, No.80 , Song Jiang Rd., 104, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Contact Person: M.G Li

Company Introduction
Miktam Technologies, Inc. is a comprehensive provider in high-performance yet cost effective components and module/solution encompassing analog IC design, video enhancement, format converters, as well as video/image compression/decompression (Codec), video streaming technologies in the past few years, especially those related to Digital/High Definition TV (DTV/HDTV).
Miktam Technologies, Inc. (MTI) was incorporated in July 2004, and has its principle office in San Jose, California. Initially, Miktam focused on developing semiconductor and subsystem solutions based on its core technologies in high-performance Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADC) and video processors for flat-panel video and television. These IC products can be used in applications such as Digital and Analog Flat Panel Display, Set-Top Boxes, Broadcast Equipment, Personal Media Player (PMP), portable video devices, and related Digital video/TV products.
In seeking new applications with proven video processing and codec/streaming technologies beyond current applications, Miktam has identified the fast growing video surveillance industry as one of its focus since 2008. The company will rapidly move forward with processors providing high quality video streaming in video surveillance and consumer video electronics. Products capable of true HD (1080p) video surveillance application will be ready for market deployment in the near future.
Basic Profile
Country: Taiwan
City: Taipei
Address: 7FA, No.80 , Song Jiang Rd., 104, Taipei, Taiwan
Business Nature: User; Manufacturer; Semiconductor
Contact Person: M.G Li
Corporation Brief
Established Year:2004
OEM/ODM experience:no
Countries of Export:Southeast Asia; North America; South Asia; East Asia
Product Range
Key Components, CCTV, IP Camera