New Mexico Department of Health Uses Kronos to Manage Workforce

New Mexico Department of Health Uses Kronos to Manage Workforce

The New Mexico Department of Health's Facilities Division is using the time and attendance solution from Kronos Incorporated to completely automate the process for its 2,100-employee workforce.

Previously, the New Mexico Department of Health's Facilities Division had a partially automated time and attendance data collection process. The management team realized that the department could further control labor costs, minimize compliance risk and improve workforce productivity by fully automating the process across all seven interdepartmental agencies.

“Payroll is typically a state and local government's largest expense and even a slight delay or error in time and attendance can have a significant impact,” said Anita Westbrook, Office of Facilities Management, New Mexico Department of Health. “Kronos helps us reign in budgeted dollars with increased efficiency and reduced payroll error through real-time labor information. A fair and automated system also improves employee accountability and satisfaction.”

By completely automating with Kronos and through consistent application of pay rules and policies, New Mexico Department of Health has achieved improved employee accountability and payroll accuracy. Given the complexity of a state department's payroll environment, the more rules and issues a time and attendance system can handle, the greater the reduction in error and improvement in efficiency.

Also, by implementing the Kronos data collection terminals with biometric verification technology at some of its facilities, the department has eliminated the possibility of buddy punching, the costly act of employees punching in for one another.
“The New Mexico Department of Health's critical business issues are unique, and yet in some ways similar to those faced by other government entities that use Kronos,” said Christine Carmichael, Director of Government Industry Marketing, Kronos. “We are committed to helping the department achieve a range of benefits by completely automating the time and attendance process.”

The Kronos solution complements the state's ERP system with a bi-directional interface to PeopleSoft payroll. Kronos provides the ERP system with real-time, high-quality time and attendance data leading to accuracy in payroll, and consistency in the enforcement of compliance requirements.

The Kronos system is used for all types of employees including nurses, lab technicians, family planning associates, primary health care providers, operational, departmental IT and management staff.

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